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Support for the Aiello Family #MattStrong

Rockland, MA


Dear family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and everyone who has decided to read this and hear our story. As many of you know, Matt is continuing his battle to beat AML Leukemia. He was diagnosed with cancer in January 2019, this has not been an easy road. He has received countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. He has endured painful procedures and grueling long tests, things no human should ever have to experience. But worst of all, nothing beats the pain of being away from your family. Covid has really sent our family a huge curve ball, forcing us to really self isolate from the world. It’s been a nightmare. And unfortunately, the nightmare continues as Matt is now being hospitalized for GVHD, a side effect from the stem cell transplant. Many have you have reached out from near and far to offer help. When it comes down to it, help is something we are all afraid to accept. I wanted to create something on my own, where I can say yes, we need help. Help for some reason, is always such a hard thing to ask for. Thank you to everyone for your unending love and support. We don’t say it enough, but you all mean the world to us! Love, Cheryl, Matt, Abigail, and Nathan Venmo- @Cheryl-Sugarman

Special Notes

At this time, we still can’t allow people to come into our home. I hope with this website, I can show you how you can help, safely!  Many of you have asked to send a meal or how you can help? With Covid, it’s still really tough to figure out what is best. Of course, we would love a home cooked meal! But with each day being so unpredictable, the best way to help is to send a gift card for a restaurant, that way I can order the meal when we need it. This would also be helpful for both my mother and mother-in-law when they are watching the kids for us. Being able to order a warm dinner to help lift the burden off their shoulders (and mine) would be incredibly helpful! I will try and update frequently with things we could use help with as well!   Local Restaurants near us: We are open to other places as well! We appreciate you all thinking of us! The most helpful gift cards are for Stop & Shop, Target, and Visa gift cards. We LOVE those!  Also, I’m open to any suggestions that would help the kids as well. Boxes to cheer them up, things for outside to keep them busy etc.

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