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Driving Miss Crazy to Radiation (aka Annie Dodovich)

Chicago, IL


Way back in July I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Caught very early. I had surgery to remove the cancer on August 26th. Got very lucky and no chemo is needed. Well as all of you know, I don't drive a car. (My Father said I drove, but only people crazy.) Starting Monday, October 4th thru October 29th I will be needing a ride to Lutheran General Hospital for Radiation Treatments. Most days it will only be a 16 minute treatment. I have to be there 10 minutes before my treatment to change into the most flattering gown I have ever been in. Mondays will be a little longer because the doctor needs to check her work out. I haven't won the lottery yet (heck I don't even play, maybe that is why I don't win) so I will need to be dropped off at work. I am looking forward to November and being free of doctor appointments and getting back to my boring old self.

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