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Feeding Beth's Soul and Stomach with Food and Love

Brandon, FL


Our sweet friend, Beth Hawkins, lost the love of her life, Ben, to cancer last Sunday night. He was surrounded by people who loved him and he passed very peacefully. She has had folks with her and supporting her to make preparations for the upcoming Celebration of Life that will be held on May 2nd at the Brandon Elks Lodge. But in 10 days, there will be a lot more family arriving in town, staying with her, starting on April 28th through May 3rd, and she could use the help of all of us in the form of meals during that time. She mentioned that it has been very special when home cooked meals have been provided, since cooking feels like a struggle at this moment in her life. So, if you will please volunteer for those dates I mentioned and if we get more than we need, taking something to her before that would be nice too, I'm sure.

Special Notes

There are no dietary restrictions but I did ask her what her favorite restaurants are, for those folks who want to bring something but don't have time to cook, and she said Outback, Ford's Garage, Olive Garden, Carrabba's and Cuban food. Many of these types of places are offering family meal deals right now, and even deliver.

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