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No one fights alone: Olivia’s journey 🙏🏻🩷

Edinburg, TX


Well where do I begin? I had a normal mammogram on 08/23, had been told everything looked normal but an ultrasound was optional for peace of mind. I requested it but because I’m always at work I rescheduled my appointment. After that I noticed a little something that felt abnormal but thought nothing of it because it would get lost. It wasn’t always palpable. Between August and December I noticed it was getting bigger and easier to palpate. It was in December that I thought of scheduling an appointment. Because I am blessed to work with some wonderful doctors they’ve helped me with scheduling my appointments soon with little to no delay. On 1/08/24 I went to my appointment and the NP decided to order a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound which I got on 1/09/24 and that same day got a call that they were recommending a biopsy. I got my biopsy report on 1/10 and it said a mass and lymph node highly suspicious for malignancy was found. My biopsy was done on 01/12/24. My results came in on 1/18/24, both lymph node and breast mass were positive for cancer. In my appointment she explained in detail the type, stage, treatment plan. Surgery was to go first and if needed chemo and radiation, but after discussing it further with other oncologists, they all agreed chemo was definitely recommended and the surgery. As for now that’s where I’m at. Facing this humongous giant that scared the life out of me. Trying so much to stay strong and as positive as possible but there’s so much emotions, thoughts, and fears that come along with this diagnosis. I continue to pray for courage and strength but seem to fall off quite often. Thank God I have an amazing support system and some wonderful praying children, family and friends that are my strong towers.I am extremely thankful for each and every one of them, because I’d be shattered if God had not blessed me with them.

Special Notes

Someone asked how to help out, all you have to do is click on a date on calendar and pick how you would like to help. With a meal, gift card or deliver a meal from a restaurant.🥰♥️

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