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Meal Train for the Herradura Family

Valencia, CA


Hi family and friends of Mommy Ellie, I have been asked to set up a meal train on behalf of the family. Mommy Ellie's health has been deteriorating since Saturday. She was admitted into hospice care yesterday and is at home surrounded by family and friends. We wanted to set up a meal train to help take something off the family's plate. There have been constant visitors at their home that they have been providing food for as well. If you could please sign up for one of the meals from now until Sunday that would be very helpful. If you would like to visit Mommy Ellie please contact Pastor Jaye. Sooner would be best. Thank you all for your support. Hannah Ong

Special Notes

Preferred Delivery Times lunch 11:30am-1:30pm and dinner 5:00pm-7:00pm Food preferences: American, Chinese, and Filipino. Large format meals that can feed up to 10 adults and 5 kids would be preferable. No spicy food please. Allergies: No peanuts.

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