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Take a Chance

Fishers, IN


“ I am scared. It’s okay. You can be scared, too. What I won’t allow during this journey is negativity or ANY talk of this “going south” or anything like that. I am going to beat this. This isn’t a matter of IF I will win, it’s a matter of WHEN. Thank you in advance for being my support system. I love you & I need you. Go hug someone you love. Stop taking life for granted.”

Special Notes

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for visiting Chance's page. We are so blown away by the support and love she is receiving. As a result of her chemo and upcoming surgery, we want to provide Chance some extra help by sending her groceries, meals, and gift cards to alleviate some of the little stresses of daily living so she can focus wholly on healing and beating this cancer! If you're unable to donate at this time, please share this page and feel free to leave a positive message for Chance! For any questions or issues you have, please contact Mary Blanke at 812-470-6565. If you're helping out with groceries/meal planning, here are some helpful ideas from the warrior herself. Favorite foods: pasta, fruit, veggies, snack chips, cheeses, applesauce, apple juice, peanut butter, celery, granola, all natural popsicles, Fiji water, chicken, turkey, smoothies Favorite restaurants: Four Day Ray (Fishers), Subway, Chick Fil A, Condados Favorite grocery stores: Aldi, Whole Foods, Trader Joes Favorite drinks: La Croix (Lime), Fiji water, apple juice, orange juice A typical grocery list: chocolate milk, eggs, fresh fruit for smoothies, grapes, cheeses, crackers, ground turkey, bread, granola bars, all natural popsicles, Fiji water, apple sauce, celery, peanut butter Please no red meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, soda, or alcohol. Thanks again :)

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