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kindness towards Kaity's baby

Gunnison, CO


I am not the best at asking for help and this has taught me a lot about speaking up for myself where in the past I would say nothing and take it all on solo. Pregnancy has brought so much awareness to what a woman goes through and needs during the most vulnerable time of her life. I have had many different waves of "softening" and before I get to a point where I am in immediate need I would like to prepare by her due date November 21st. So, humbly I ask for your help and support. Through this page I have it set up so I am able to schedule and receive support with meals as well as gift cards and financial donations through the end of the year, December 31 to help ease myself into this new chapter of life. anything is helpful. Thank you

Special Notes

with meals I am pretty open to anything though I do eat very healthy. my pregnancy has changed my appetite a lot and I have been mostly eating a vegetarian diet though I will take what I can get. After birth it is just import for me to eat and recover. no fish please and if possible minimize dairy or wheat.

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