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Love for Jamie


As Jamie and Delaney grieve the loss of their sister and aunt, if you feel moved to offer a little help with food or groceries, I hope this page offers a place to do this. They also haven’t been feeling well physically, so if you feel moved to bring a meal or gift card that would be .

Special Notes

Please note on any delivery instructions if you are ordering food that there will be a designated cooler on the porch that food can be left in/on for no contact delivery. A few favorite foods and ideas for Jamie and Delaney: - Chef Salads - Sandwiches/sandwich wraps *Jamie- turkey avocado ranch no mayo *Delaney- ham and bread plain - Kebabs- ground beef, chicken, steak, hummus, rice, salad - Thai food- pad see ew, spring roll - Hamburgers -*no cheese* - Italian food- pasta primavera, chicken parm, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, alfredo - Mexican- tacos, fajitas, beans, rice, guacamole - Breakfast for dinner -eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, fruit **Delaney naturally eats “kosher” meaning she likes meat and she likes cheese, just not together** *****Jamie has SEVERE allergies to preservatives of the benzoin family, (I.e. sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, potassium benzoate, etc.) think “shelf stable” food. Fresh is best!***** There is also a local meal prep delivery company available that Jamie and Delaney have ordered from and have found that they really enjoy! Unfortunately they don't offer gift cards, but if you would like to contribute to a package on that, you can Venmo Jamie directly to cover a meal. The packages they get are $8 per meal for her and $8 for Delaney. Venmo @ Jamie-Goetz A few of their favorite local restaurant's are: - Panera - Papapavlos - Me’Mo’s Middle Eastern Cuisine - Bella Italia - Miki Sushi - Strings Italian - Velvet Creamery - Chili’s - Taqueria Mis Compadres - Texas Roadhouse - Rivets

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