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The Eldridge Ohana

Springdale, AR


10/06/2021 James is heading home on Friday, October 8th. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing! Christine is back to working full time and will also be bringing James back and forth from therapies throughout the coming weeks. We need your help to keep their family fed! Due to a pretty major change in James' tastebuds, the family is requesting low or no sodium meals (and gift cards are still majorly appreciated). Greek food has been hitting the spot for James. Freezer meals and crockpot ready meals (prepped and ready to throw into the crockpot) would also be helpful, along with soups and chilis as we are entering autumn. Because of James' weakened immune system, all meal deliveries need to be contactless for the foreseeable future. -------- Many people have asked about practical ways to help Christine and the family while James remains in critical condition. We organized this website as a way for the many who are praying to also be the hands and feet of Jesus. For those of you that do not live in Northwest Arkansas but want to help, Christine has listed several gift card options that would really bless their family during this time. Wednesdays are especially tricky with family actives so Door Dash is probably the best option on that day to ensure they can eat by 5pm. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and for the practical help you may provide.

Special Notes

Please keep in mind that Door Dash or other gift card is preferred for Wednesday meals - Thanks so much!

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