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Karing for Kelly

Meriden, CT


We know the next few months (and beyond) are going to be tough for our girl Kelly, and we want to be able to support her in every way we can. We created this page so that anyone who wanted to give some support (time/money/food/pets for cats) had a place to do so. Kelly is going to need a lot of support during her recovery from surgery, and anything - from bringing a meal, to doing some chores around the house, to donating a few dollars to help with bills - helps; every little bit is so appreciated! Kelly is so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing community of family and friends, and we know if we all rally together, we can really make a difference and help her through these challenging few months! ❤️

Special Notes

Kelly eats a gluten-free diet. She has a few food allergies as well, including: Beets Peppers Coconut (but coconut milk is fine) Turmeric

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