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Friends of Cara and Michael Perryman

Oklahoma City, OK


Cara and Michael will be traveling to Ada this evening (4/19) to check in to Labor and Delivery for Scout’s birth. Due to Covid precautions, the hospital is not allowing visitors.  If any friends and family of Cara and Michael are interested in showing their love and support, this page is the perfect place to sign up! Cara is struggling with a pre-eclampsia diagnosis. We pray that Cara and precious baby not have health complications during and after delivery, in the name of Jesus! I will know more about when they will arrive home soon. Visit this page for updates and ways you can help. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this page to leave kind words and comments! Cara and Michael will be able to read these special messages from you! ☺️

Special Notes

For those who are out of town but would love to be a support, there is an option to send a gift card to one of Cara and Michael’s favorite places for carry out! 

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