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Support for the Girard Family

Lansing, MI


John and Vicki have been such an amazing help and support to those in the homeschool community both in Kalamazoo and Lansing. Now during a time of such great loss it is our turn to serve their family. With so many things being uncertain right now and with diet constraints, Vicki thought the most helpful way to serve their family would be through gift cards that they can use as needed for food and groceries. Some card options are listed on the Wishlist section below. Here is a complete list of possible card options: Costco - purchase below on wishlist Dominos - purchase below on wishlist Uber Eats - purchase below on wishlist Grub hub - purchase below on wishlist Red Robin - purchase below on wishlist Panera - purchase below on wishlist Five Guys - ecard Olgas - ecard Blaze Pizza - ecard Cottage Inn Pizza - physical Grand Traverse Pie - physical Texas Roadhouse - ecard Meijer - in store

Special Notes

Please email Alexandra Howard for a mailing address if you'd like to send the Girard Family a physical gift card. (