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Welcome to the World Nolan James Basye!

Santa Cruz, CA


Baby Nolan has arrived and Krista, Jared, & June are thrilled! Nolan is such a blessing and the proud parents are so excited for everyone to meet him. During this transition from a family of 3 to 4 I would like to provide Krista and Jared with some extra love and support. I am reaching out to a small group of friends and family (that's us!) and I am setting up a care calendar on their behalf. The calendar will have two parts. First, there will be a 2 week meal train. The meal train will run every other day from June 4th - June 22nd. Karyn, Meredith, and I have taken the first 3 days so sign-ups will be available from June 10th on. Please sign up for one day if you are able. This will also be a wonderful opportunity for you to meet Baby Nolan! The second part of the care calendar will be for after Jared goes back to work and my parents leave town from July 12th - September 13th. My vision is to give Krista a 1-2 hour break each week when she doesn't have extra help. While we snuggle and play with Nolan (June will be at school), Krista can take a nap, go exercise, run an errand or do some other form of self-care. If everyone takes one week, then we could provide Krista with the extra support she needs for 10 weeks! There is no better gift for a Mom than the gift of time. Once you sign up for a week, you can contact Krista for the day/time that works best for you. Thank you so much for the love and support you give Krista and Jared. I know you mean the world to them during this special time! xoxo Melissa

Special Notes

No food allergies or dietary restrictions. Please text Jared or Krista to arrange a time for food drop off.

Care Calendar