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Loving LaToya


Loving LaToya supporters, the Houseal/Gilkey family would like to thank you for your unwavering support. As Toya continues her journey she is needing more assistance in the home. She is able to walk with her Hemi Walker but she needs to always be spotted with her gate belt worn at all times. Also, when getting in and out of bed she needs to be spotted. With the lymphedema in her right arm and her left shoulder fractured it is difficult for her to wipe her bottom, so she will need assistance with that from time to time. Depending on how she is feeling, she may need a small meal prepared but don't fret she has the ability to give you directions on how to prepare the meal. Toya does like to keep a clean home so we just ask that you clean up after yourself and occasionally the kitchen may need to be cleaned (especially after cooking or juicing), flowers need to be watered, floors swept and mopped. There is not much more that is required. Toya does take naps sometimes and during that time she would like it quiet. Other than that, Toya enjoys a good conversation.

Special Notes

This is a no shoe home. So please come prepared with house shoes or socks that you are comfortable wearing throughout the home.

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