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About Taking care of the Remo Family as they welcome home Emmeline Louisa

Hi! We are all so thrilled for the arrival of Emmeline! Let's show our love and support, by dropping off some delicious dinners to keep Kelli, Ben and Eliza fed while they adjust to life as a family of four. Kelli and Ben are so thankful you are up for dropping off a meal for them, and Eliza, during this special time for their family.

Special Notes: 

Please knock once, quietly, when you drop off the meal. If there is no answer, please leave food on the front porch, and shoot Ben or Kelli a text to let them know the meal is there. Consider using disposable containers for the meal, so Kelli isn't left with a medley of Tupperware to wash and return. Thank you! Ben: (646)416-2070 Kelli: (917)587-9286