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Meals for the Gordon Family!

Tallahassee, FL


Baby number 3 has officially joined the Gordon family! Sweet baby John has been born so let’s make life a little easier by providing Annie, Luke, and their two older kids (Thomas and Beth) some dinners over the following weeks. Consider providing a meal that leaves enough for leftovers and please deliver in a dish that the Gordon’s can either keep or dispose of (so that Annie doesn’t have to keep track of whose casserole dish is whose!). If you’d like to bless them with food but are not able to cook a homemade meal, no worries - they love Chick-fil-A! Thanks everyone for your love, encouragement, and practical support!

Special Notes

The family eats about 6pm, but feel free to drop off meals anytime during the day - just call or text Annie what time you might be stopping by to give them a heads up. No allergies or food dislikes.

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