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Supporting Sherece on her Road to Recovery.

Raleigh, NC


My name is Jodi, and our loved one Sherece was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. The time has come for her surgery to remove the cancer. On February 14 she will undergo surgery and after she is released she is expected to have a long recovery period of up to four months with bed rest for 4 weeks. As we know she is an amazing mother to four boys and provides for her household on her own. With her on bed rest she will need all the help she can get with the most important chore of all, feeding the family. If you would like to help by bringing by, ordering delivery or even sending a gift card to help. This meal train is an easy way to help Sherece and her family out while also providing her with the ease of mind in knowing that she has one less thing to worry about so she can focus on healing. If there is anyone who would like to offer their love and support to Sherece and her family during this time, she would be so thankful and she sends thank you in advance to everyone! #teamsherece #ittakesavillage

Special Notes

We would like everyone to know, she will not be able to have any visitors once she is home recovering. Even though she would love to see everyone in person, due to the her medical condition she can not have visitors due to risk of any infection or illnesses. If you would like to deliver food, please get with us so we can schedule a door drop off safely. Thank you!

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