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Sharing the Love for Nana

Chula Vista, CA


Some of you may know her as Mary but most of you know her as Nana. You've probably poured your heart out to her once or twice at that kitchen table over coffee, beer, or even a smoke. In so many ways she has been there for us and now it's our time to be there for her. Nana suffered a huge loss early this year, hell we all did, but none more than her. She is slowly letting her heart go so it can be reunited with her soul mate. Any of you who have watched a loved one pass knows how hard it can be so I've created this board for helping hands and hearts. We will utilize it as a forum where people can share and get updates from the family.

Special Notes

She is not eating at this time. If you'd like to bring her one of her favourite things as a gesture that is fine. We just ask that you not bring too much. She is allowing visitors, please text and follow updates for days/times to visit. She is quite fragile so be gentle when holding her hand. Also she ask that you not kiss her on the face.

Care Calendar