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Supporting Risa & Family

Sacramento, CA


This page is to help support Risa and her family during Risa's treatments and cancer journey. Marisa was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few months ago and will begin Chemo January 17th. During the first half of this year, she will need our support with errands, food prep, deliveries, supplies and emotional support. It's Naomi's graduating year of High school, so with that come some additional needs as well. Since Marisa will lose a considerable amount of income due to her treatments any monetary gifts or gift cards are appreciated. Tim and the girls are very supportive so let's rally around this family and support in ways that you can big or small, it all helps.

Special Notes

During treatments, Marisa's immune system needs to be as strong as possible. Please no sick or symptomatic visitors at all. Everyone please call before visiting or planning any visits. It's not personal if you are asked not to visit.

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