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Helping out Becky and Dylan, post-surgery

Eagan, MN


First of all, thank you to my sister, Bridget, for setting this site up. And thank you all for your support (these past few weeks and the four years before now). You would think that I would have learned how to ask and accept help after the events in 2016 and 2017, but nope! So adding a new chapter in the book "Are you kidding me" to apparently try to drive the lesson home. The story: In late February, a routine mammogram found something, Nearly two weeks later I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS). Good news on the bad news front in situ means it is contained, so cut the cancer out and should be good to go, right? Well let's add a gene mutation called ATM in the mix and instantly that increases my risk for additional breast cancer substantially. After researching and lots of soul searching I have opted for a bilateral mastectomy. I know many of you have asked what you can do and this will be the place for updates and things that are needed. The plan: I will be going in for surgery on Monday, April 12th in early afternoon after morning appointments. I will be in the hospital 1-2 nights and then returning home. I will have help with Dylan and me the first couple of days with my mom and Jon's parents. What I need for help after that is still yet to be determined. What I know: I apparently will have very limited movement of my arms for 1-4 weeks (aka T-rex arms). I will not be able to reach my elbows over my head. I will have other limitations that I am not even sure of yet. I am have made the following requested based on reading that about I may start feeling better at the 4 week mark. What I may need help with: - Entertainment and play dates for Dylan - Help with ideas of prepping the house pre-surgery - Help with the cats (litter box and possibly feeding) - Outdoor spring yard work (mulching and other lawn clean-up) - Possibly some driver to help with appointments and errands - Meals (some dinners a few times a week) - Light housework (dishes, picking up, light cleaning) Other: - Visitors (hopefully we all get vaccinated here soon) and we would love to see you as soon as I feel up to it.

Special Notes

Some meals the first few weeks would be helpful as I won't have a lot of upper body mobility. I don't have a lot of freezer space, but can take a few things. Dylan's favorite foods are brats / hamburgers (well the buns anyway), mac and cheese, and meatballs. He will eat other things as well as long as he can't detect any vegetables. Food allergies include shellfish and mollusk (including fish sauce). No bananas please!

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