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Meals for Erie Family Health Centers Front-Line Healthcare Workers

Chicago, IL


Erie Family Health Centers is the healthcare home to over 80,000 patients and their families in the Chicagoland area. Erie provides high quality medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare, and is committed to health equity for all people, regardless of insurance or immigration status or ability to pay. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Erie’s work continues! Our patients are especially vulnerable right now due to health inequities and chronic diseases that put them at high risk, and babies continue to be born, chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes must continue to be managed, and mental health practitioners are being called upon more than ever before. Our team is available 7 days a week right now for our patients. Would you like to support our front-line team with a lunch? Small things like this help to keep our team's spirits up and feel cared for while they are caring for everyone else. Thank you so much for thinking of us and for all your support!

Special Notes

We are currently operating multiple sites throughout the Chicagoland area- including one site in Evanston/Skokie and one in Waukegan. When you sign up to sponsor a lunch for one of our teams, I will get in touch with you with more detailed instructions and a list of local restaurants that are delivering to that site. When claiming a calendar date, follow these directions: 1) Click on the date you would like to claim 2) Select: "I'll Provide Myself" 3) Click "Claim Item" 4) Wait for an email from Ashley providing you instructions with the site address, number of staff, and list of nearby restaurants. **ALL lunches must be individually wrapped and packaged. No buffet or family style allowed** Our sites are ranging between 30 to 45 people each. We estimate that supporting one site would range between $400-$500 including delivery fees and tip. Are you an individual wanting to purchase a few meals, but unable to purchase for an entire site? You can do so by going to to purchase individual meals. You can also purchase gift cards for our staff at Thank you so very much! Ashley [email protected] 312-432-2662

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