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Freehold, NJ


George and his family greatly appreciate the love and support they have been receiving. In June 2021 doctors found a mass in George's CT scan. The mass is in his thymus gland and triggered an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia gravis which caused his left eye to droop. August 11th George had surgery to remove mass through his left side. During surgery the surgeon was not able to remove mass the size of a lemon and biopsied the tumor. Results came back as Thymoma cancer Type B2 with B3 component. He is now undergoing chemo treatments with the hopes of shrinking the tumor. A great team of doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will evaluate the tumor after treatments of chemo to see if mass is operable through chest cavity. After surgery George will receive proton therapy radiation. George has a strong fighting spirit and a great sense of humor. With the help of family, friends, prayers and encouragement it makes all the difference in helping George and his family through this tough battle. His twins girls just started third grade and have been praying for their daddy to get better. George's amazing wife Kristy is doing everything she can to help George stay strong and positive. George's dog Alf also provides great emotional support. The family has been messaged by many for ways to help and also for updates on this process. This site provides many great ways to help and follow updates along the way.

Special Notes

George is on a healthy balanced diet with no spices. To help make donating to George and his family more convient, donations can be dropped off to Michele Principato or Jeanine Palumbo or you can make arrangements to have one of us pick up any donation, meal or well wishes from you. Please contact Michele at 908-202-5553 or Jeanine at 908-839-3114 and we will make arrangements to personally deliver to George and his family.