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Blessing and Supporting Heidi and Don Broberg

Pennock, MN


On July 22, Heidi had surgery to remove a brain tumor. While much of the tumor was removed, some of it was inoperable because of the depth and position in her brain. She is home and has made great strides. Our primary response as her family, friends, and church family is to pray. Secondly, lets provide meals to encourage and lighten their load.

Special Notes

Don and Heidi have their daughter and family staying with them. Please plan your meal accordingly for four (4) adults and two (2) children. Thank you.(January, 2021). Don and Heidi are open to home cooked or take out meals. As always, but especially during this coronavirus pandemic, be sure to wash your hands and use safe practices in food preparation. A cooler will be by their front door. Just place the meal in the cooler and text Don @ 320-979-4709 that you have dropped it off. This is not a time to visit. Heidi needs her rest. Thank you for understanding. Also, they prefer no SouthWestern meals (Tex-Mex is fine, such as Taco Johns). If you are thinking pizza, choose Hawaiian. In addition, stay away from lots of onions and all olives. Please bring your meal in disposable containers so Don and Heidi don't become overwhelmed with pans and casserole dishes that they have to return.

Care Calendar