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Supporting Stephanie

Colton, CA


If you've ever met Stephanie you know what a kind, compassionate, and absolutely giving person that she is. In our group of friends there was a time that we lovingly called her "Mama Bear" because of how often she'd be the first to jump in and take care of the rest of us whenever we needed it. Which is why now, we're jumping in at the opportunity to take care of our dear friend. On October 20th, 2020 on top of an already difficult year for many, Stephanie tested positive for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Her chemo treatments start on November 23rd. Her partner Gage and her family are going to have their hands full for their next six months of treatment with taking care of Stephanie and making sure that she's safe and taken care of. Which is why we're asking for any help with lunch, dinner, groceries, or donations to help them through these trying times. You can sign up to help by using the calendar below! You can also donate through the PayPal link on the right side of this page or directly to Stephanie on Venmo @stephanie-rossano or Gage @gagehensley1 We appreciate any and all of your help, love, and support. We love you, Stephanie. If you're interested in following along Stephanie's journey through her diagnosis and treatment, you can do so as she updates her blog My Lumpsum at:

Special Notes

PLEASE NO VISITORS! We know how much you love Stephanie but due to COVID and her compromised immune system due to treatment we have to be extra careful!

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