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Becca’s Cancer Journey

Chicago, IL


Hey everyone, Welcome to my page. This is my page of my story, a firsthand account of my battle with cancer, the emotions that will enveloped me, and the lessons I will learn. This page is to share with all of my supporters the progress I will make during this journey. I hope to bring positiviity to myself and others during this time of healing, bring awareness to what this cancer is so others can catch it sooner or if they are also expereincing it to not feel alone, and to give myself a place to share all of the parts of this journey that are yet to come. On January 8th I was given a diagnosis that was life-altering. This diagnosis plunged me into a world of uncertainty, fear, and resilience. One of the most beautiful aspects so far in my journey is the outpouring of love and support from friends and family. Your presence is a powerful reminder that I am not alone in this fight. Living with this cancer diagnosis is going to be a journey. It's about finding a new normal, appreciating each day, and striving for a sense of normalcy. Regular check-ups, a focus on well-being, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle are vital. The future remains uncertain, but hope and resilience continue to guide me forward. I will be sharing updates along the way and please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I will need your support through this journey. The amazon wish list will be updated often with things I may need along the way and there are other ways of contributing if you feel like it, even a note of support and encouragement means a lot to me right now. <3

Special Notes

I do not eat pork or shellfish. I also will be maintianing a healthy diet with lots of fuits and veggies and avoiding added sugars and processed meats My address is 2 East Oak Street Apt 3202 Chicago IL 60611 My phone number is 708-646-6489 I welcome text mesages

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