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Charlenes' Dreams

Puyallup, WA


I myself started this page, as I kinda wanted to see what it was all about. And, I would like to share my story with my friends and family, even though it's no more (if not even less) than other breast cancer warriors. That's what I call us ladies (And guys) battling breast cancer. I was diagnosed in Feb. 2021 with stage 3 invasive triple negative breast cancer. And, it was a total shock to me, as I did myself checks every month, and felt nothing. I went in to have my yearly mammogram (missed 2020 because of covid) and that's when they gave me the news. Once diagnosed, everything started to happen so quickly, I had no time to really think about it, nonetheless be freaked out, or afraid. My appointments started happening, I had my first surgery 3/23/21 And then soon after that started chemotherapy treatments. I had to have both chemo and radiation treatments because my kind of cancer tends to reoccurring if you don't receive both treatments. So, I finished my chemo on 7/1/21 it's been a rough road for that part but not as hard as the radiation treatments. I am mainly very, very tired, have fatigue. And, I get a little more stressed out with radiation treatment than chemo. Also, I already have fibermyalgia which got a little bit more intense, I also have neuropathy which is no fun. On top of all of that I lost my one and only sister to pancreatic cancer on 7/16/21. So, it's been hard to concentrate on my own healing when I was thinking of her. So you see, my story is probably no more tragic than any of the other warriors out there. In fact, I know that there are more that are a lot more worse off than me. But, I just wanted to share too. And, see if it were wrong for me to ask for some help, considering that I 'm NOT that bad off.ūü§Ē My special dreams that I have are, that I have the go fund me acct set up for are: #1 this one is the that is the most realistic in achieving. My favorite band Def Leppard has been one of my inspirations to keep going, and fight this evil, invisible, sick, and twisted disease called cancer. As they have endured for 40+ years thru Rick Allen (their drummer) losing his arm in an car wreck, Steve Clark (guitarist) dying, and then to top it all off, his replacement Vivian Campbell getting Lymphoma cancer. They have been such a big influence on me for many, many, years. But, this year by far the most. And, they will be playing in Seattle at the T-Mobile Stadium, for the Stadium tour on August 31, 2022. And, I would give ANYTHING to get meet-n-greet tickets for that show. The meet-n-greet tickets for the show are more than likely out of my below low income wallet. They are basically $1500.00 on the FLD C row 3. It's right in the spot I wanted to be, on the side of the band where the bass player Rick Savage is. He's my favorite. I love them ALL, but he 's my favorite. #2. This is a big fat whopper. I wish to be a first time home buyer. I know that realisticly this is WAY,WAY,WAY outta reach. And, is truly what dreams are made of. But, what the hell? And, I want to stay in the Enumclaw, Buckley, Puyallup area. Just sayin.

Special Notes

If you wish to visit that's fine, just call first (p.m. me, I'll give you my number). And, just to let you know, I live with my significant other and his parents. So, if you do one of the grub hub card things, you need to get for 5 people not just 1 or 2 It would be nice to have a break from cooking dinner every night. Just like for visiting, call first.