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AVT - Party of Three!

Seattle, WA


Amanda and Scott welcomed their baby girl, Collette Rose Turner, early in the morning on Friday, August 13th. She is doing well and they are all adjusting to the newness of their family's addition (the dogs too!). As their family leaves, let's bring them some meals to lighten the load and show them some love in these early days of parenthood!

Special Notes

Here are some tips and guidance for your help: Amanda and Scott would love to see everyone; but per their doctor's covid advice, they are supposed to avoid having others inside the house at this time. Amanda would plan to meet whoever is coming outside, +/- Collette if she's awake and able to be viewed from afar; masks would be great as well, as one more step toward protecting her. Here's Amanda's cell for coordination if needed: (785) 760-1619. The family has no allergies or food sensitivities. They are doing their best to get in fruits and vegetables, but certainly enjoy some less healthy things as well! Preferences: avoid large onions if possible (cooked onions or small chopped usually ok). Mushrooms and anything with pickles or mustard are divisive in their house, so best on the side :) If cooking is not your thing, here is a list of places they frequent: Mioposto, Srivilai, Good Day Donuts :), Marination Mai Kai, Dukes (we also love trying new places, so don't have to restrict to these) - delivered meals are equally appreciated!

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