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Help the Joneses keep up after emergency.

Largo, FL


Some of you know her as Vickie, Mama Vickie, Angyl's Mom, or even Phoebe. If you know her, you love her. Also, you know she doesn't do anything small... it's go big or go home! And boy did she! She suffered a major heart attack on Friday, January 19th. During an emergency procedure to stent an artery and stop the heart attack, they discovered her heart sack was full of fluid and compressing her heart. She underwent another procedure that same day to drain the fluid. After recovering in ICU for several days she had yet another 2 stents placed before she was finally discharged to transition to in-home care on Thursday the 25th. The specialists have already called her their "special project" as her situation is not something they have ever seen before. She is on a 3 month healing plan with restrictions, life changes, and a whole bunch of new medications. The specialists will re-test and re-evaluate after that to determine what the next steps, and possibly the rest of her life will look like. Her daughter Angyl or Christa, has been with her through it all to learn everything she can about her cardiac situation and how to care for her in her recovery. Emergencies never come at convenient times, but this came after Vickie broke her arm 2 months ago and had just started Physical Therapy, plus she had been sufferring from the flu for a week prior. As they make changes and learn all the new things necessary for Vickie's needs, let's make things as easy on them as possible! See the special notes to learn all the ways you can help this family in their time of need! The Joneses would like to thank those that help when things settle down more. Please allow your name and contact information to be shared with the organizers of the page and the Jones family when sending a gift or help.

Special Notes

Grocery gift cards are the best! Vickie's daughter loves cooking and this will help her manage Vickie's dietary needs as well as give her an outlet for her anxiety. Lol. If your love language is also cooking, meals are accepted, but they understand if the dietary restrictions make things too complicated. The care calender shows meals needed every other day. They don't need meals that often, they just want to give as much flexibility as possible for those that wish to help. Dietary restrictions include: Heart Healthy and Diabetic Friendly. Avoiding high sodim, full fat dairy, fried foods, red meat, sugars, sweets, white bread, white rice, and highly processed foods. Mediterranean diet and vegetarian meals are great. They love salads, veggies and fruit. Whole grain breads and pasta are great. No spicy foods for now please. Walmart and Amazon gift cards are also appreciated for medical supplies and household needs. There is an Amazon Wishlist available under Angyl's account. PayPal is linked to Angyl, Vickie's daughter, who does all of the shopping. Please allow your name and contact info to be shared when sending help or a gift. The Jones family would like to thank those that contribute when things settle down.

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