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Stewart’s Village, Supporting the Dedmons

Arlington, TX


Stewart is an amazing husband, father, and friend. He is fighting stage four melanoma, which has spread to his liver, braid, and bone. He and his family are making frequent trips to MD Anderson in Houston for treatment. Recently, Stewart had a set back. Due to his decreased appetite, his sodium level dropped. This caused additional fatigue and weakness. He was hospitalized Saturday night, and will return home tomorrow. Melissa and the girls are supporting Stewart around the clock, but now realize the may need some help with meals, or an extra pair of hands at the house to help when Stewart is not feeling well.   We are starting the village with request to help with dinner, and we will expand as need.  We thank all of you in advance for your help, and your prayers for the Dedmons.  

Special Notes

Melissa is vegetarian. She eats seafood and dairy. However, Stewart would say, “Where’s the beef?” 

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