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Meal Train for the New Hawkins Family

Mansfield, TX


This Meal Train supports the New Hawkins Family as they celebrate the life of their new baby, Beckham Quinn. Let’s come together and show them how loved they are! Right now we want to make sure they are well fed and supported the first few days Beckham has arrived, so anything such as food drop offs or gift cards for Grub-hub or Uber-eats to support them with sleep deprivation will help! Also, dropping off your meal in person you can come say hello to the new little guy!

Special Notes

We are all very eager to met Beckham, but due to Covid and Flu season we ask if you feel ANY type of sickness to not drop off in person, in order to protect the family of any sickness! Always call if unsure if you should drop off. Facetime Dates are always welcome💙

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