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Shelley’s Surgery Support

Salem, OR


Hello Family and Friends, My mom has struggled with pelvic pain for the past few years due to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome since her 30’s . She has had 4 biopsies in the last 5 years with her last biopsy showing abnormal precancerous cells . She now needs a total hysterectomy on February 15. Her new doctor who is a Gynecologic Oncologist said it is a 6-8 week recovery with the first two weeks being the hardest part. Mom will be staying at my house the first two weeks so we can help her with groceries, chores, and medical help she may need. My husband and I will still need to work along with my brother Thomas. That is why I was hoping for some support from family and friends. What would be super helpful is meals mom can have that doesn’t require too much work. Unfortunately being an hour away from her church, having cooked meals delivered is difficult. That is why I am organizing this page for mom. We would appreciate any help and support you can give mom at this time during her surgery and recovery. Thank you, Katelyn

Special Notes

The easiest would be Grubhub or Instacart gift cards for mom to order and have food or groceries delivered if I am at work. Also an Amazon gift card would be helpful for items she needs at my house for her recovery such as compression socks, stomach binder, heating pad, shower puff with long handle, etc. This site gives options for 3 meals a day, yet if she receives an Instacart grocery delivery then I will remove some times. I just wanted to give options. Thank you so much!

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