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Kindness for Kendra

Rockford, IL


Hi Friends, I have been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer, specifically adenocarcinoma, a 2.2cm x 2.6 cm tumor that has also reached outside the cervix. After months of symptoms and misdiagnoses, I am receiving care at UW Madison. I will be undergoing external radiation, weekly doses of chemotherapy to assist the radiation and then internal radiation which will require anesthesia. All of my treatments will take place at UW. To my female friends and family, please get your pap and pelvic exams done on a regular basis and if that's not enough, then seek care from another doctor or hospital. I was literally told my tumor was benign and normal from having three kids. Then a week later, I was told it was a rarer form of cancer, and I would be having my cervix and uterus removed. It has been stressful and off-putting to put it mildly. I have three children: Blakely (9), Ellowyn (5), and Rylen (3). People are asking how they can help, and a co-worker suggested this website. I don't know what I need right now, but I imagine assistance with gas and medical bills will be helpful. Venmo: Kendra-Asbury-1 I'll update if additional things come up.

Special Notes

My kids are picky, and I'm trying to avoid dairy and meat, ha ha, so I'm not sure what restaurants are good ideas right now. You pick, and I can make it work. :)

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