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Supporting Linda and David

Los Osos, CA


Hello Friends and Family, Linda and David are needing our support. As many of you know, David has had his fair share of health challenges as of late. To add to the mix, Linda too, now has some challenges to face. On July 12th, Linda was admitted to the hospital with a horrible pain in her back and a fever. It was determined that she has an abscess in her spine between L4 and L5 (OUCH!), and she was septic. After a week of yucky hospital food, lots of medicine, and little sleep, Linda is back home with a PICC line and 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. Last week, David had a stent put in his left ventricle of his heart and is now home to recover, too. Needless to say, our dear ones need our help! We are hoping that you all can chip in with meals, light housekeeping and laundry, shopping, and flowers.

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