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Meal Train for Marc ♥

Durham, NC


Meal train for Marc is to support and help him during his cancer treatments. Recently it has become harder for Marc to meal prep and plan his own foods. This page will help to ensure Marc is eating what he likes but also saving him time so he can focus on his treatments! Marc has a unique taste and absolutely LOVES desserts. He has breakfast covered as he routinely eats the same thing daily. Dinners are what he wants to focus on. No prep if possible!! Each meal should have at least 2 servings in case he wants to use the meal for lunch or dinner another day. LIKES: -heavy on the vegetables (roasted or baked) -loves salads with proteins (chicken or tuna) -loves fish (tuna, salmon, NO CATFISH OR TROUT) DISLIKES: -bacon -mayonnaise -fried foods If any questions, you can always contact me if you don't want to bother Marc! Liz---215.908.8798

Special Notes

If possible, please bring food in single serve containers for simplicity of heating. If heating meals, they should be ready made for the microwave or oven. Please use containers you do not need back (recyclable or throw away). Also, please label everything including instructions for use and date it was made so he does not get confused or accidentally let it go bad. No sick visitors!! If you have any doubt, call first! Marc may not want to chat when you are dropping off a meal. Please be mindful of visiting time. DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: Please text or call Marc when you are arriving (919-308-9769). You can place the meal in the cooler outside of his door. If he does not answer your text or call, please knock or ring doorbell in case he is resting! -- Thank You!

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