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Virginia Beach, VA


February 13, 2024 was a life changing evening for Stevo Davis and Emily Rigsby. A random act of violence shattered their lives when their home was showered in bullets, one striking 8 year old Landyn while he was playing video games upstairs. His 15 year old sister witnessed the incident and did everything a good big sister should do. Landyn remains in the ICU at CHKD in a medically-induced coma while doctors monitor him closely to ensure the swelling in his brain is controlled. He is on a ventilator and both Stevo and Emily have remained by his side. This is a parent's worst nightmare, and while there is not much we can do to take the hurt, anger, sadness, and worry away from them, we can help take a little bit of life's stressors off of them during this time by donating meals. The exhaustion these parent's are undergoing is unbearable, so any help you can provide is truly appreciated and makes a huge difference during this tough time.

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