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Support Skylar’s Cancer Battle

Tigard, OR


Hey All, my name is Harmony Miller and I’m organizing this fundraiser for my Brother-in-law, Skylar Miller & his family. Skylar is a loving husband, father, brother, son, uncle and disabled Veteran of the US Army. Sky started having medical issues about 5 years ago ranging in various persistent symptoms greatly effecting his daily life. There were numerous ER and doctor’s office visits over the years with no explanation as to his symptoms. He was even told “It’s all in your head”. How his diagnosis was found, was by him returning to the ER four days after a hernia repair surgery for suspected complications. After having some scans, he was informed it was due to the Lung Cancer that they found in 2021. He was not informed of these findings, as they were evaluating for something completely different at the time. After more scans, biopsies, and specialist visits, Sky has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, stage 1 kidney cancer and emphysema. We’re asking for your support for him and his family. Skylar’s wife, Misty, is the sole earner for the household of 5. They have 3 amazing children! Samantha & Elizabeth 12 yr old twins, and William who is 14 yrs old. In this current economy, the family already lives paycheck to paycheck like many of us. The funds will be used for covering Misty’s lost wages while taking Skylar to treatment and caring for him, medical supplies and expenses not covered by VA, the fuel cost getting him to and from treatment, as well as making sure they maintain a roof over their heads, utilities stay on, and food in their bellies during this difficult time. We are grateful for any and all support while this brave soldier is fighting the battle for his life, and more time with his family. Thank you.

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Amazon wish list for helpful items for Sky while going through treatment.

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