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Love for Ivy & the Nuzum Family

Pleasanton, KS


Ivy Lee Nuzum was born five weeks premature.  She is currently in the NICU--she is making great progress!  Richard & Amber do not have an ETA on when Ivy will be coming home so we have set up this calendar to help them out.  As of now, gas and gift cards for food have been provided for them by Grady's Kids (so awesome!!).   The two ways we can help them until they are home is 1) cleaning the laundromat they own in Pleasanton, The Washing Well and 2) gift certificate to Door Dash (a food service that delivers food to the hospital when Amber is unable to leave).    Mailing address for cards: Richard & Amber Nuzum, PO Box 159, Pleasanton, KS 66075 

Special Notes

Door Dash gift card link: (phone number to use when buying gift card:  913 375 0854)   The laundromat needs to be cleaned five days a week (can be cleaned in approximately one hour).  Which days or at what time is flexible (he said morning is the slowest with least amount of people).  If you sign up to clean, please bring your own cleaning supplies (all purpose cleaning solution, windex for washer and dryer doors).  Richard gave these instructions:  Wipe down washers Wipe down dryers Wipe down table and chairs Sweep Mop (as needed) Take out trash (as needed) If you have questions, please text Aubin at 913-602-0450.   

Care Calendar