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Surrounding the Miles Family in Love

Orange Park, FL


On Aug 4th Austin Miles, an amazing father, husband, friend, and human was lost. He has 5 kids and a wife who are still here trying to find a way to deal with his loss. In times of grief we often cannot ask for what we need because we cannot even begin to process what happened, much less articulate needs. Because of this it is always welcomed when friends and family take the initiative and show up, whether in person or distant. You can send food, groceries, supplies, activities, and more. You can come help cook, clean, or just be there. I didn't know Austin and had only just met Cristi online in the last 2 years, but I do know the loss of a beloved partner. Please help me in surrounding this family with love and support.

Special Notes

Please provide vegetarian options (even side dishes) with any food provided, two family members are vegetarian (no meat products. cheese, eggs, dairy are okay.) All food types are welcome.

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