101 School Success Tools for Students with ADHD

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101 School Success Tools for Students with ADHD provides key materials and guidance necessary to assist teachers and parents as they empower students with ADHD to become successful learners. Based on field-tested strategies for use with learners with ADHD, the book provides a brief overview of the specific learning needs of these students before including a wide variety of tools teachers can immediately pull out and use in the classroom and parents can use in the home setting.

Each tool is explained in a brief how-to section that includes specific information on adapting the tool based on the individual student's needs. The book covers topics like observing and collecting data on students, creating schedules, assessing a child's strengths, refocusing a child's attention, managing difficult behaviors, implementing calming techniques, providing motivation, and improving study and homework skills.

Why We Love This Gift: Parenting a child with ADHD offers some challenges. This book arms parents with effective strategies for managing situations. And, importantly, for learning how to find and emphasize the gifts of attention issues. (Hint: they are abundant).

What To Express In Your Card: I saw this book and I was interested to read about attention issues. My pediatrician says that this is a misnomer - that ADHD should just be called Attention Deficit - that the word disorder is unfair. There are so many ways to channel this learning style. I hope this book helps you with the stuff that feels hard. [Name of child] is a totally awesome kid.

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