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Why Digital Gift Cards Are More Personal Than Ever

Gift cards are more personal now than ever before, especially in the midst of a crisis. In the past, gift cards have gotten a bad reputation as being “impersonal" or for those who were “too lazy to go buy a gift".

In the present though, the reputation of gift cards has been on the rise. For families or even organizations that are distributed across the country, gift cards have brought people closer together in times when they can’t physically be there.

Let’s examine a few reasons why gift cards are making a comeback.

1. There are different types of gift cards

The variety of gift cards available now is almost endless. This means that for family members that are in different situations, there are different options to offer gift cards that suit their needs.

You can even send a credit card gift card to Target and Walmart which is basically like providing cash so they can use it towards any needs that arise.

It is also free to send a virtual gift card, as opposed to a care package full of heavy food items.

If you’re unsure of exactly which type of gift card to send your friend or family member, see Give InKind’s curated guides on which gift cards are best for those important and challenging life moments. A meal from their favorite local restaurant might be just what they need to feel better about their situation.

Food delivery gift cards are always a hit — they allow the recipient to order what they want when they want. It also helps relieve some of the burdens of having to work all day and then spend time cooking a meal for the family, providing a stree-free meal experience.

2. Helping from a distance isn’t easy

If you’re not nearby to lend a hand in the midst of a crisis, feelings of helplessness are common when you feel like you can’t physically be there for them. Regardless of the situation, your family members or friends could still use your support.

Sending store gift cards allows the recipients to save the card for when they need it, stretching their funds even further than they perhaps they intended. Whether it’s a gift card for food, clothing, or shelter, rest assured it will be used when the time is right.

3. It’s hard asking for help

Gift cards can help people feel better about receiving help. It allows your family members to still rely on themselves to use the gift cards at their discretion, as opposed to simply being provided for. The ability to make choices during a time of crisis is essential and helps improve your mental wellbeing.

If you’re helping family members across the country or in a different location, sending a digital gift card could be a great option. It’s free to send and allows your family member to use the funds at their discretion. There’s also no risk of it being lost in the mail.

Give InKind makes supporting through gift cards easy

The New York Times called gift cards, “a welcome gesture of practical kindness" in times of need.

At Give InKind we believe in making it easy to give exactly what’s needed most, in situations that are unique and personal. Sometimes that’s homecooked meals or childcare — and sometimes it’s a gift card to offset unexpected expenses or receive a contact-free meal delivery.

We don’t believe gift cards are “taboo" in any way. They allow people to feel like they’re helping, even if they’re across the country!

Give InKind has over 200 gift cards to choose from to add to your gift card train, helping to ensure everyone’s needs are covered. It’s like a registry, but the recipient gets to buy things that they need, when you need them.

In fact, sales of gift cards for necessities soared following the 2007 recession. Think about it. You can give a gift card for almost anything: groceries, prescriptions, pet food, entertainment… the options are endless, and the gift card has a tremendous value of relief for anyone needing support.

See how to get started on a Gift Card Train here.

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