All-Day Scented Bracelet Set

on Uncommon Goods

With glossy, faceted stones and a glittering charm, Lisa Hoffman's bracelet is a statement piece that delights more than just the eye. You see, Lisa is both a jewelry designer and a master perfumer, and she has created an enchantingly clever way to wear her original, hand-blended fragrances.

The filigree charm holds tiny beads fashioned from natural wood flour and Lisa's pure, undiluted fragrance oils. These little marvels release blooms of subtle scent throughout the day and can last for up to one month. Pop open the clasp to replace the spheres, change the fragrance, or mix different ones together to create your own customized bouquet. Lovely on its own and beautiful when stacked, each bracelet comes with samples of three divine fragrances, with full-size refills available. Bracelets made in China. Fragrance beads made in New York.


chalcedony, quartzite, wood flour, cellulose, plated e-coated zinc oxide


7.5" L bracelet. 10mm stone beads. 18mm fragrance charm


Caring for Fragrance Jewelry: Remove jewelry before sleeping, showering or participating in physical activity. Do not expose jewelry to water, lotion, hand sanitizers, jewelry cleaners or other chemicals. To clean, lightly wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Remove fragrance beads prior to storage and store in a cool, dry place.

Caring for Fragrance Beads: As the eco-friendly fragrance beads are made with sustainable wood flour, water or other liquids may jeopardize their shape and scent. Avoid spraying beads, or submerging them in any liquid(s). Fragrance beads diffuse fragrance the second you take them out of the bottle, so be sure to keep the cap tightly closed between uses.


Directions: Open fragrance charm at groove. Fill charm with fragrance beads. Snap charm closed. (Listen for a "snap" to ensure the charm is securely closed). Replace beads every few weeks to a month for a stronger or lighter scent. Mix various scented beads within your charm to create your own custom, signature scent, or stack bracelets to style a fragrance that's uniquely yours!

Delight: a zesty, fresh and uplifting fragrance with notes of lemon zest, chamomile, cucumber, and green tea to delight your every moment.

Enchant: a sensual, captivating and seductive fragrance with notes of bergamot, rosewood, Osmanthus blossoms, and amber musk that create a fragrant potion to enchant every encounter.

Beautify: a playful, pretty and romantic fragrance with notes of blooming jasmine, violet petals, pink grapefruit, and white musk that work together to create an aromatic veil to beautify your life.

Payment fulfillment by Uncommon Goods. Give InKind has an affiliate relationship with many of the advertisers on our site, and may receive a commission from products purchased via this link.

Give InKind has an affiliate relationship with many of the advertisers on our site, and may receive a commission from products purchased.