Beck's Classic Reusable Underpads, Heavy

  • These washable underpads have a sturdy vinyl backing to keep the pad firmly in place
  • Beck's waterproof bed pads are reusable, making them one of our best sellers
  • Cotton topsheet is soft for the wearer, even for long periods of time.

    Keep your furniture dry, clean, and protected with Beck's Classic Reusable Underpads, Heavy. These reusable bedpads can be placed on a wheelchair, couch, bed, car seat, or anywhere in between to protect against moisture. Liquid passes through the ultra-soft topsheet and is absorbed in the core. A waterproof backing stops excess moisture from passing through, so your furniture stays dry and protected. Then, just toss these underpads in the washing machine and use them again and again. Users will love the soft, comfortable topsheet material and caregivers will love the convenience of a washable bed pad.

    Key Benefits

    • Vinyl backing is sturdy, waterproof, and holds the pad in place
    • Washable material makes it easy to reuse this bedpad again and again
    • Cotton topsheet feels soft and gentle against skin, so even long term users will stay comfortable
    • Extra threads make this reusable underpad extra durable and sturdy
    • 100% cotton Birdseye
    • Quilted to a blended poly/rayon soaker
    • Knitted vinyl barrier

    Who Should Use These

    Beck's Classic Reusable Underpads, Heavy are a great choice for:

    • Underneath disposable underpads, for those looking for extra absorbency or that want to ensure their underpad won't slip around
    • Environmentally conscious users that don't want to throw away an underpad each time they use one
    • Those tending to wounds or changing enteral feeding tubes
    • Underneath a loved one while changing their incontinence products

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