Bespoke Post: Modern Day Subscription Club Membership

on Bespoke Post

A Box of Awesome. There is no better way to describe Bespoke Post's uniquely cool themed subscription boxes.

Bespoke Post includes a personalized mix of unique products and a whole lot of bang for your buck. Before registering to become a member, you are also prompted to take a quiz on what you like (and what you don't). This way, Bespoke Post ensures every box includes exactly what you want.

So, what's in the boxes? Here are just a few high-quality themed boxes that have been delivered to members in past months:

  • The Over-Easy Box: Cast iron skillet, leather pot holder, bloody Mary mix, and white sonora pancake mix
  • The Refresh Box: Brown canvas dopp kit, shampoo & conditioner, hair styling paste, peppermint leaf and sea salt soap bar, Marvis toothpaste and face cleanser
  • The Aged Box: Cocktail aging kit 375 milliliter bottle, staves, orange peel and two cocktail tumblers

Why We Love This Gift: Bespoke Post boxes cost $45, but are traditionally worth over $70. This way, you can ensure you are sending him quality items - that you can be sure he will love it. You also are given the option to keep it, swap it, or skip it - so you are in complete control.

What To Express In Your Card: Happy Father's Day!

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