Buck & Buck: Basic Adaptive Sweatsuit for Men

on Buck & Buck

Buck & Buck's Basic Adaptive Sweatsuit for Men is the perfect sweat suit for the gentleman who needs help getting dressed.

The top snaps at the back so nothing needs to go over his head, and the pants have 22" zippers down both sides of the legs, so he can be dressed without having to bear weight. This sweatsuit is the perfect solution for dressing the non-ambulatory.

These solid tops snap at the back. They are perfect for a gentleman who is no longer able to raise his arms high enough to permit over-the-head dressing. The side-zip sweatpants have 22" zippers down both sides and loose elastic at the ankles.

A self-dresser can unzip one side and transfer easily to the toilet. Someone needing assistance with dressing can be more easily dressed when both zippers are brought into play. These sweatpants are also a great design for those who are unable to bear weight easily.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this sweatsuit because it optimizes both comfort and ease. Because sometimes, just a little help, can go a very long way.

What To Express in Your Card: How else can I be helpful? I am always here if you need anything.

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