Conversation Cards for Adults, Familiar Words: Reminiscence Activity for Seniors

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Conversation Cards were developed by an Activity Director to encourage individuals experiencing memory loss to reminisce and converse about a particular aspect or experience from their lives.

The "Familiar Words" deck contains 52 two-sided 6" x 9" cards.

The front of each card features a vivid, full-color photograph - isolated on a white background to eliminate confusion while allowing the user to focus entirely on the image - and the corresponding name of the item printed in bold, large-print text.

These Conversation Cards are an ideal engagement activity for Caregivers, Family Members, and Activity Directors.

Why We Love This Gift: The ability to re-live memories with our loved ones is a beautiful gift we take for granted, until it is lost. This is one of the many reasons that makes memory loss so difficult. This tool may be just the trick to re-live some of those forgotten memories.

What To Express in Your Card: I hope these bring a smile to your family's face. You are so strong. I love you and am here for you, always!

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