Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Kettle

on Blue Bottle Coffee
The Stagg Pour Over Kettle is for the aesthete who wants a tool to be as useful as it is elegant. Built for gas, electric, and induction stovetops, Stagg Stovetop Pour Over Kettle's ergonomic grip and counterbalanced handle make for an unwavering pour, while its graceful spout ensures an even flow rate with to-the-drop precision. Available in matte black, your eyes will be satiated even before your cup of coffee is ready to drink.
Matte black
1-liter capacity
High-grade stainless steel body
Precision pour spout
Ergonomic grip
Counterbalanced handle
Brew-range thermometer
Safe for gas and electric stovetops
Please be aware that normal daily use on cooking ranges will wear away the finish on the bottom of kettle. This does not affect functionality
11.5″ x 6.75″ x 8″ (292 mm x 171 mm x 203 mm)
Made in China

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