Frida Baby - The Ultimate Care Kit

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Frida Baby's Big Bundle of Joy is the perfect grooming care kit for everything you need to keep your new baby clean and healthy.

With simple instructions and every little detail you could imagine, this Frida Baby product includes the perfect little team of helpers:

  1. Windi the GASSPASSER
  2. Fridet the MOMWASHER
  3. FeverFrida the iTHERMONITER
  4. The Keep-It-All-In-Pouch
  6. NoseFrida the SNOTSUCKER
  7. NailFrida the SNIPPERCLIPPER

Why We Love This Gift: This mother of all kits baby cleaning bundle is perfect for new parents. For example, who knew that cleaning your baby's boogers required a tiny tool because your fingers are way too large? This kit includes all of the necessary tools that you didn't think you needed.

What To Express in Your Card: Congratulations! Here is an awesome kit to keep your little one happy and healthy!


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