Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum

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When it's time to go into labor, packing items to alleviate pain during postpartum recovery may just be the last thing on a pregnant mother's mind. This gift for mothers includes must-have items for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

Forget a few items of clothing during your mad rush to pack? Frida Mom has your back. Struggling with postpartum pain in the perineal area? Frida Mom provides you with the necessary kit and guide to help soothe and relieve pain.

This hospital bag must-have includes:

  1. Labor & Delivery:
    • Delivery and Nursing Gown (One Size fits all)
    • Labor and Delivery socks (1 pair)
  2. Postpartum kit:  
    • The 5-Step Postpartum Recovery Regimen
    • a Toilet-top storage caddy and carry case

Why We Love This Gift: Ease of Mind + Pain Relief + New baby = Confidence. Confidence in the fact that your loved one truly has everything she needs.

What To Express in Your Card: Hope this makes preparation a little easier. Cannot wait to meet the little one! Much love.


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