Glo Germ Gel - Teaches Kids to Wash Hands

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This product teaches children about how to wash hands properly and effectively. Our Glo Germ Gel contains proven safe ingredients which simulate the presence of real germs, 5 micros in size. Glo Germ Gel will illuminate under UV light, showing where actual germs would reside. Our gel works best for demonstrations where frequent or numerous uses are required. Simply pump 1-2 strokes of gel on palms of hands and rub together, including back of hands. Scrape fingernails on palms to "infect" germs under the nails. Place hands under a UV light to view the "germs." Follow with normal hand washing, then test again with UV light to inspect how well the hands were washed.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it really teaches kids how to properly wash their hands. This is a fun teaching tool for kids and adults alike about the importance of hand washing as a way to control the spread of illness. Perfect for families with a concern about illness and germs, this really gets the job done. This product is personally recommended by advisors to the Give InKind editorial team who had a child in chemotherapy and a younger child simultaneously. Using this product, she taught children how to wash their hands like surgeons - empowering them to be safe.

What To Express In Your Card: I know you have specific concerns about hand washing and germ control. I read that this product teaches kids about hand washing and I thought it might be a good way to show don't tell visitors (adults too) about how to wash hands. I am thinking so much of you.

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