The Nurse's Nurse: Staying Healthy & Fit While Caring for Others

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This book seeks to destroy the classic cliche of the nurse: the caring professional always looking out for the well-being of others while neglecting their own health. Today's nurses face many obstacles in their quest towards health. The author draws from her personal challenges faced as a night shift nurse in an inner-city hospital to highlight some of these difficulties.

The Nurse's Nurse is a blueprint to become an empowered individual and role model of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for your patients, your community, your family, and, most importantly, yourself! It provides practical solutions in order to bridge the gap between the knowledge that all nurses have about health to the authentic experience of well-being.

Discover the powerful but practical tools provided in this book in order to overcome the challenges that many nurses face in the quest towards vibrant health!

Why We Love This Gift: This book takes a unique spin on self-care. It focuses primarily on the perspective of those whose primary job is to be a caretaker. Whether your loved one is a caretaker for someone at home - or has made it their career - this guide is a perfect reminder of the importance of taking care of yourself.

What To Express In Your Card: You must endure a massive amount of pressure as a caretaker. Please give this a read. This book was written by a nurse who understands what you go through everyday, and will help you become a better caretaker to the person who deserves the most loving care in your life - yourself!

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